Thursday, July 26, 2012

MadeByLinLin is going to learn how to D.I.Y. acrylic & gel nails!

Hi everyone!

Over the past couple months I've been going to a salon and getting my nails done for about $60+ every 2-3 weeks and on my quest to save money I have decided to learn how to do my own nails for about a quarter of the price!
So I began my search on google typing in nail supplies, acrylic nails etc. and all the stores who sell the supplies wholesale require that you have been to aesthetics college, which I have not, so I couldn't buy from them. Next I turned to EBay and found some great kits for $60 or less. I am now waiting for the kit to arrive in the mail.
Here is a picture of the kit I chose:

Package Contents:
9W UV Gel Curing Dryer Lamp x 1
1/2oz Clear UV Gel x 1
1/2oz White UV Gel x 1
1/2oz Pink UV Gel x 1
1/2oz UV Prmier x 1
2oz Cleanser Plus x 1
14ml UV Top Coat x 1
Acrylic powder (Clear) x 1
Acrylic powder (White) x 1
Acrylic powder (Pink) x 1
Acrylic liquid (75ml) x 1
Caried colors of acrylic powder x 18
Sable acrylic brush (#2/4/6/8/10) x 5

Dappen dish x 1
3g Nail Glue x 1
Small Nail Cleaning Brush x1
Glitter Powders (colors will be random) x 6
False Nail - transparent x 20
False Nail- white x 20
Nail Form x 20
Nail Brush x 1
Buffer Block x 1
4-way buffer block x 1
Cuticle revitalizer oil x 1
Toe seperator x 2
Sanding File x 1
Nail Art Clipper x 1
Curved Tweezer x 1
12 Varied Colors of Rhinestones x 1
12 Varied Colors of Nail Ball x 1 

As you can see it has a little bit of everything and judging by the price might not be the best quality, but for a starter kit to learn what I need and how to use I think it'll work great. 

What I Also Bought:

100% Acetone
UV Light Bulbs
Nail Dehydrator
Cuticle Oil and Cuticle Clippers
Practice Fingers